At the Start -

26th August 2005

Day One 26th August 2005 - Land’s End to Hayle. We left home and drove to Land’s End even after a look round  and finding the End to End book to sign we had time for a photograph at the Signpost.  We cycled to Hayle before retuning to Land’s End Youth Hostel where we stayed the night.  20 miles.

Day Two 27th August 2005 - Hayle to Carland Cross.  Henry and Daddy cycled from Hayle and had lunch at Tesco Redruth with Mummy.  There were lots of steep hills but we cycled to Carland Cross before driving to Okehampton Youth Hostel where we were to stay for the next four nights. We had a BBQ for tea.  22 miles.

Day Three 28th August 2005 - Carland Cross to Bodmin.  Nanny and Granddad met us at lunchtime today!  We cycled to Bodmin, Henry fell off but very bravely rode on to Asda Bodmin where we bought Ice Creams, plasters and Savlon Spray and then drove back to the Youth Hostel. 19 miles.

Day Four 29th August 2005 - Bodmin to Launceston.  We cycled from Bodmin to Launceston today, on the Bodmin Moor we stopped for lunch where the police were doing speed checks.  In Launceston daddy bought some Ice Creams while Henry chatted outside on a bench to some ladies!  After tea at the Youth Hostel Henry was presented with a Medal for being such a “Good Boy”. 20 miles.

Day Five 30th August 2005 - Launceston to Okehampton.  Another 20 miles cycled today, at lunch time we met another cyclist who was on his way to meet a boy he is training for triathlons.  At Okehampton Mummy let Daddy buy a Guinness Clock for our conservatory!  20 miles.

Day Six 31st August 2005 - Okehampton to Cullompton.  Daddy planned for us to ride today to Exeter but we were there before lunch so we carried on to Cullompton where we got into the car in time before a thunder storm!  from Cullompton we drove home to stay overnight.  32.8 miles

Day Seven 1st September 2005 - Cullompton to Taunton.  Today we cycled to Taunton, lunch was taken near Tiverton Parkway, Daddy helped a man fix his car with his bike tools!  When we got to Taunton Daddy took us to the Bus Station to see Jo and Glynis.  21.8 miles.

Day Eight 2nd  September 2005 - Taunton to Worle.  We drove to Tesco Taunton to start today.  Through North Petherton and onto Pawlett for lunch break.  After lunch Daddy saw an Ice Cream Van and managed to stop it so that we could  have an ice cream.  Henry was excited about seeing Nanny and Granddad in Worle so we cycled there instead of home! 32.6 miles.

Day Nine 7th September 2005 - Worle to Aust.  Auntie Vicky saw us at Nanny’s when we started riding.  We went through Wick St Lawrence to Congresbury the Clevedon and Portishead.  We cycled over the Avonmouth Bridge twice! Then through Avonmouth to Aust services. 38 miles.

Land’s End to John O’Groats - 906 miles - 32 days

Adrian and Henry Cole

Part One - Land’s End to Aust - 225.2 miles

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